Mover Coordinator Job Description

May 4, 2021 0 By lovvdoo

This is really a job that not many folks have heard of but does require that you be organized, able to multitask, and also have good communication skills. A mover coordinator works together with businesses and individuals helping to arrange and manage their moving process. Some of the tasks that you might do can include:

? Provide cost estimates for the move
? Figure the ultimate payment information
? Arranging the date and time the relocation will start
? Estimating the number of time it will take to complete
? Communicating with the relocation state and customers regarding the move

With respect to the company, the mover coordinator works for you may also need to drive the moving truck, be responsible for planning the route of the move, and managing the employees who’ll transfer the furniture and boxes to and from the moving truck. Other responsibilities or tasks a mover coordinator may perform could involve sales and negotiation with the clients. For example, you could have to negotiate the facts of the contract and price of the move with the customer. You may also be responsible for talking to the customer in person or on the phone, dealing with any problems, questions, or concerns that the client might have.

When doing scheduling tasks you will have to organize and schedule moves to ensure that the company can offer moving services to the scheduled customers and never have to cancel he move or turning up late. You will also need to work with the customers helping them choose the best time and date for the move. A mover coordinator can also be in charge of scheduling the movers that load, unload, and drive the moving trucks. This calls for the mover coordinator to have meticulous organizational skills and good memory so the day isn’t over scheduled and all moves can be completed as scheduled.

If the move is out of state, the mover coordinator may be responsible for securing rooms for the employees to sleep and rest before continuing their journey each morning. Sometimes the mover coordinator could be required to drive the moving truck and even help load and/or unload important items for the client, like those boxes that have a high value or very fragile. In Moving from New York to California moving companies, a supervisor oversees other moving coordinators. The supervisor will be the one that stays at work while the other mover coordinators may need to opt for the moving truck.

To sum up the mover coordinator job and responsibilities they are the contact person for potential prospects and is the overseer of the move by helping be certain that the move goes needlessly to say from start to finish and that their stuff is handled with care.