Google Adsense: Making the Most Out of It

July 17, 2020 Off By lovvdoo

You’ve noticed on many websites, those “ads by Goooooogle”, followed by a number of adverts. Well visit Google themselves and you’ll see on the right, and sometimes near the top of search result pages, “Sponsored Links”. These are like the classified adverts that you see in your daily newspaper. Companies are paying to have their advert to be featured in this space, depending on the search phrases that you are typing in to the Google search box. Rather than a fixed price though, advertisers bid against each other to have their advert featured, with the highest bidder, getting the number 1 slot. This program is called “Google AdWords”.

While that proved a great success, the advertisers were limited to have their adverts only seen on Google. Then Google came up with the idea of How To Make Money Using Google Adsense¬†website owners a percentage of the fee they get paid by the advertisers, for featuring the adverts on their own sites. This became the “Google AdSense” program.

Free to join, this program has become a popular way of adding a new income stream, but more than that, some website publishers started to build websites specifically for this Google program. Working out which adverts the advertisers were paying most for (so the percentage commissions are the highest), website publishers are building sites specifically targeting these high paying advert commissions – earning a living from sending people away from their sites!